Welcome to the site for a “tank,” that’s also an A.P.E. (A.ctor, P.roducer E.ntrepreneur), Tank Jones. Also called an “Intense, lovable Teddy Bear” by one of his acting coaches, Tank gets to explore each facet of his personality through a wide range of characters he’s been fortunate enough to embody on the big screen.


Award Winning A.ctor

As an award winning actor, career highlights include: -Breaking Bad -Three Kings -CSI: Miami -Rules of Engagement and starring in several films and shows, including the hit TV series, Fire and Ice. Tank has also appeared in numerous commercials, endorsing products for name brand clients like KFC, Budweiser, Sonic and All Detergent.


As a performer and professional speaker, Tank has toured the country and performed in front of tens of thousands of people. These performances include a tour of multiple Wal Mart locations and hosting the Miss USA pre-show.


Tank’s company TankHead Media, LLC produces live concerts, comedy shows, film and television.


Inspired by an event that took place at his high school, Tank founded the Choices Educational Empowerment program. The program was designed to motivate and inspire youth all over the country to work hard and give their best in all they do. Choices awards scholarships annually and gives away Success Journals to students.

What is Choices

Choices Education Empowerment is a non profit edutainment company. We create and distribute content that helps people believe in themselves, dream big, set goals, create a workable plan and keep moving forward with a never quit attitude. Our mission To help people find creative ways to deal with life issues, work hard and believe in themselves. To assist students through arts and entertainment, with creative ways to deal with life issues like peer pressure and bullying. To also encourage everyone to work hard, to believe in themselves in order to be more successful in school and in life.


As an E.ntrepreneur, has been working as a predominant figure in real estate, successfully flipping over 40 homes. Mr. Jones has since used his vast knowledge of business to be the founder of TankHead Media and the non-profit Choices Educational Empowerment, Inc.
Mentored by the co-creator of Six Sigma Mikel Harry, Tank created the Success Journal to help people create a plan to go from where they are to where they wish to be in a proven, yet simple way.

A graduate of Arizona State University who also speaks Mandarin and Spanish, Mr. Jones has been able to combine his knowledge of business and real estate to successfully create a funding company for small businesses and real estate investors.


“TANKISMS” (Tank’s Words of Wisdom)

The trick is to stay focused on what you want to happen and let go of what you do not… cuz if you keep seeing things as they are, convincing yourself that you “have to” because that’s reality, then it will always be your reality. want to change? it’s as simple as changing the who, what, how, why and when of what you look at and FOCUS on… DAILY 🙂Tankism #25


I’m the in-house casting director for Dani’s Agency and I have ahd Tank in for several castings over the years and he has booked several including last season of Breaking Bad. He always prepared and delivers his line to perfection. May 29, 2012, William worked with Tank at Screen Actors Guild.

William Green

Owner, Honaleia Communications, LLC

I have cast Tank in several projects over the years. Even when he does not book the role, I can also rely on him having a solid audition. He is very professional and has talent. May 28, 2012, Faith was Tank’s client

Faith Hibbs-Clark

CSA, Casting Director/Owner Good Faith Casting, LLC

Co-Creator of Six Sigma, National Best Selling Author and Consultant to World’s Top Executives It would be an injustice to provide an endorsement of Tank that is filled with the usual prose of left-brain recollections – marked by the confirmation of demonstrated skills and worldly accomplishments. After all, his professional exploits are wide and many

Mikel Harry, Ph.D

Co-Creator of Six Sigma, National Best Selling Author and Consultant to World's Top Executives

Sr. Partner, Director of Development Tank is the consummate professional on set and off. He brings a level of commitment and maturity to a project that ensures its success. July 16, 2009, Angelo worked directly with Tank at Screen Actors Guild

Angelo Bell

Sr. Partner, Director of Development

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